I have always loved photography, but never believed it would become my career. Many years ago, I went to China on a business delegation. A friend had brought along his new DSLR and I became fascinated. I decided to learn photography. I studied with several photographers and took workshops in Kolkata and London. That’s how it began. As I started taking pictures, I realized that I love taking candid shots of people and that I have always been fascinated with the possibility of freezing a moment for posterity.

Walking around the streets of Kolkata, I constantly see new things. I enjoy street photography more than any other form because of the unexpected nature of it. While taking pictures, I am amazed at the people I meet. I see the happiness on people’s faces and experience their immense openness and hospitality. At no point do I feel unsafe, even while shooting in the middle of the night. People are very friendly and I am amazed at the number of times I have been pulled out of a crowd of people to move ahead and take pictures. Slowly I have fallen in love with the city of Kolkata and the people whom I have met. My technique and style is simple, candid, and unobtrusive.

My career goals are for my work to be more widely exhibited in galleries and museums. As I devote more and more time to photography I find that I have ample, diverse subjects not only in Kolkata but also in my various travels around the world.